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“Tania Pérez-­‐Salas. Remember this name. This is a Mexican choreographer and dancer of enormous talent and stupendous artistic rigor. Witnessing her ‘Biography of Desire’ was and unexpected Golden rainfall a prodigious rose that sprouted in the midst of the desert and redeemed me at a stroke...”

­‐Reforma, Germán Dehesa.

“You may not know her, but Tania Pérez-Salas is a dancer, choreographer and director beyond good and evil. She is young, smart, hard working, creative and fun. She’s the sort of Mexican we all ought to be talking about-an internationally acclaimed advocate for modern dance”.

­‐Milenio, Alvaro Cueva

“One of the premier modern dance companies in Mexico, her Company clearly draws its power from Pérez-Salas, and her surrealistic visions filled the stage and invaded the senses, Saturday at the George Mason University Center of the Arts. This work looks illusory and is intended to explore, according to the program notes. The intent may be complicated, but result is simply generous. The piece received a standing ovation”.

-­Washington Post, Pamela Squires

 “The Mexican modern dance troupe performance was an invigorating glimpse of an unexpected and original vision, and the audience that filled the Ziff Ballet Opera House rewarded her and her 13 fantastic dancers with along standing ovation”.

­‐Miami Herald, , Jordan Levin.

“Pérez-­‐Salas work is not only visually arresting but unabashedly sensual, subliminally erotic, and achingly human. But what’s must distinctive about Pérez-Salas’ work is its imaginative, extravagant theatricality. Exquisite lighting and provocative visual design characterize each piece, and it is the imaginary that stays with the viewer long after the movement fades”.

­‐The Boston Globe, Karen Campbell.

Tania Pérez Salas held nothing back and gave us a presentation of Macho Man XXI that every moment reminded us of the artistic power of body language. Sophisticated and accessible work, clear and deep, ideas and emotions.  Art, strength and joy of the viewer in the same program.

InterEscena, Jonathan Maldonado

“The peerless Mexican artist Tania Pérez-Salas” has revealed herself as a beautiful, energetic dancer, creator of deeply moving and emotive works. This great youthful choreographer won by a landslide and came to France unanimously acclaimed by the press”.

-­Progrés Lyon,  David S. Tran.   

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