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Tania Pérez-Salas was born in Mexico City. After studying dance for fifteen years, she obtained significant recognition as a dancer and choreographer in the Mexican dance scene. From that moment, she went on to win numerous awards, such as: “Best Female Dancer” in the National Dance Competition (1993); “Best Performance” and “Best Choreography” from the Virginia Fabregas Award (1993); Mexico’s National and Continental Prizes for Choreography (1994) and at the international San Luis Potosí Festival, she was awarded (by the audience) “Best Choreography” (1996).

In 1994 she founded her own Company. Since then, she has been awarded several grants as a dancer and choreographer from renowned Mexican institutions and universities such as The National Fund for Culture and Arts, National Council for Culture and Arts, the National Institute of Fine Arts, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Interior Affairs of Mexico City, the National Center of the Arts, and the National University of Mexico. She was also grateful to have obtained financial support from many private sponsors in order to set various productions for her Company.

In 1999 she took part in “The Generation Ñ Reunion” an international conference of Hispanic Descent organized by the SGAE, in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2013 Ms. Pérez-Salas and her Company received the prestigious Lunas del Auditorio Award in Mexico and in 2014 was named Pioneer Woman of the National University of Mexico (UNAM) in recognition of her hard work and achievements in dance.

As a leading advocate and spokesperson for contemporary dance in Mexico, Tania Pérez-Salas was invited by Canal 22, a television network dedicated to educational and cultural programming, to produce and host “Juego de Cuerpos”  (Body Games), a weekly series on dance.

Ms. Pérez-Salas has been jury of the National Prize for the Arts and Science; Councillor Citizen of Mexico’s City Government; member of the Commission of Culture for the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA); Internal Member of the College of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA); Jury of  the fellowship program of the National System of Artistic Creators (Sistema Nacional de Creadores).; Jury for the studies aboard scholarships  of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA); Jury of the International Award  for Choreography San Luis Potosi and Jury of the “70 Grandes de México” (the 70 major choreographers of the Twentieth Century in Mexico).

Her work is based on universal topics, which she presents from an unique perspective. For example, in Biography of desire (Biografía del Deseo) she presents a satire on technology; the dimensions of death  and life is inherent in Visitor (Visitante); in The Hours (Las Horas) she questions femininity; love and sensuality are the themes of Anabiosis; wáter with its infinite power of conveying metaphors and images was the inspiration for The Waters of Forgetfulness (Las Aguas del Olvido); the revival of the  famous literature as in Clodia the Impudent (Clodia la Impúdica) among others.

In her 2016 creation Macho Man XXI, is a work that displays the issue of gender violence, taking place in the chaotic, surreal and exotic Mexican culture.

In her lates creation 2018 Religare she received with her Company a recognition from the Ministry of the Arts and Culture for 25  years of uninterrupted national and international performances.

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